Blessed Sacrament Parish


Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA)

Are you searching for...

  • A deeper relationship with God?
  • A sense of belonging in a faith community?
  • A greater understanding of your mission in life?

Have you been curious...

  • About the difference between the Catholic and Protestant Bibles?
  • Why priests cannot marry?
  • Why women are not ordained?
  • How Catholics relate to Mary and the saints?
  • About the Catholic moral life or what Catholics believe about same-sex marriage, homosexuality, or contraception, and why?

Get answers to all of your questions about the Catholic faith; you do not have to journey alone!

Please give Jennifer Kulzer, our RCIA coordinator, a call at 608-385-3459 if you have questions or would like further information about our RCIA program.