Blessed Sacrament Parish


What is Scrip?

"Scrip" is a term that means "substitute money." Our Scrip program offers gift cards and certificates for many local and national retailers. The retailer agrees to sell the gift cards and certificates at a discounted rate. Blessed Sacrament in turn sells the certificate and cards to parishioners at face value. Parishioners can use Scrip to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, and other essentials.


About the BSP Scrip Program

The Scrip office is open during regular parish office hours. The Scrip office can be contacted by email at or by phone at 608-782-2953 ext. 6 if you wish to place an order in advance for pickup.


The BSP Scrip Program purchases gift cards from national and local retailers at a discount and in turn sells these gift cards to parishioners at face value. The profit from these sales directly benefits the parents of Aquinas Catholic School students and Blessed Sacrament Parish.


At Blessed Sacrament Parish, Scrip benefits parents of Aquinas Catholic School students directly by crediting to the students' tuition costs one half of the discount the vendor gives to the parish. This aspect is unique to Blessed Sacrament Parish. The purpose is to help parents afford tuition and anyone - friends, neighbors, and relatives - can designate a student as the recipient of the tuition credit.



The Parish is committed to providing more than $600,000 of support to the Aquinas Catholic School system. Any revenue created by Scrip sales means less demand on the parish budget.


Scrip in the form of a gift card or certificate is just like cash or a debit card. When you make a purchase, present the card to the sales associate and they will scan the card. You will then receive a receipt which indicates the remaining unused balance of the card. allows you to:

  • Establish your online personal account with Great Lakes Scrip (GLS) to track your purchases and rebates
  • Reload a card previously purchased from GLS using ReloadNow!
  • Purchase and print ScripNow! eCards for immediate use or to send electronically as gifts to family and friends
  • Use cards immediately by activating a Presto Pay account – a secure ACH payment system
  • Earn bonus rebates offered only on ScripNow! eCards


  1. Register at
  2. Click on "Create an Account" and enter the required information
  3. Enter the BSP enrollment code (Contact the parish at to receive the code)
  4. You are now signed in. A message near the top of the page will prompt you to create a Presto Pay account. Please Note: This system works best if you set up a Presto Pay account and always make your payment through them (Use ShopWithScrip for card reloads and printable eCards)
  5. Watch the video entitled "Family Registration" and follow instructions. Please Note: The Presto Pay convenience fee has been reduced to $0.15 per order
  6. When your Presto Pay account has been approved, GLS will email you a four digit code. You should in turn email this code to the BSP coordinator (, who will then activate your account

Although the GLS system permits you to order plastic cards, we ask that you not use this feature. We usually have plenty of cards in stock. If you wish to place a special order for an out-of-stock item, please email us at

We purchase Kwik Trip, Menards, and Kohl's cards locally, which provides a higher rebate. DO NOT purchase these cards through the ShopWithScrip system.


Volunteers needed

Please volunteer to help by selling Scrip during regular office hours. One shift is only three hours. Volunteering even once per month would help.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact